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Цитата клэптона

"Когда я сочиняю музыку, исполняю её, работаю в студии или выступаю на сцене, то ориентируюсь на определенный стандарт. Я кое-чему научился за эти годы, но, сколько себя помню, никогда не был удовлетворен результатами своей работы."

Эрик Клэптон

Inside Of Me

(Eric Clapton and Simon Climie)

The point on the water, there's a change in the air,

A vibe in the darkness but there's nobody there.

I look for the reason but there's nothing to see,

Just a hole in my memory where my mind used to be.


Tell me why

Can I find no relief in my heart.

I reside

In a world that has fallen apart.

Out of my mind, baby, show me a sign, baby,

Show me a way to get back on time, please.

Where do we go, baby, how will I know?

Who holds the key, is it hidden inside of me?

But why should I worry and why do I care

When this road that I walk on is going nowhere.

I stand and I study every face in the crowd,

See the fear in their eyes, they must be thinking out loud.


Scratching the surface, it all looks the same;

A world full of anger with no one to blame.

But who can I turn to? Who holds the key?

And who has the answer? I think it's inside of me.

[Chorus 2x]

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