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"Я всегда доверял своим музыкантам и уважал их, потому что всегда чувствовал и получал поддержку, каждый момент в течение двух последних лет, причем поддержку лучшую, из тех что я когда-либо имел."

Эрик Клэптон

Inside Of Me

(Eric Clapton and Simon Climie)

The point on the water, there's a change in the air,

A vibe in the darkness but there's nobody there.

I look for the reason but there's nothing to see,

Just a hole in my memory where my mind used to be.


Tell me why

Can I find no relief in my heart.

I reside

In a world that has fallen apart.

Out of my mind, baby, show me a sign, baby,

Show me a way to get back on time, please.

Where do we go, baby, how will I know?

Who holds the key, is it hidden inside of me?

But why should I worry and why do I care

When this road that I walk on is going nowhere.

I stand and I study every face in the crowd,

See the fear in their eyes, they must be thinking out loud.


Scratching the surface, it all looks the same;

A world full of anger with no one to blame.

But who can I turn to? Who holds the key?

And who has the answer? I think it's inside of me.

[Chorus 2x]

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